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Aduna’m…the place

Aduna’m Centre, farming and cultural Centre, welcomes you on its lands.
The inn has got 30 beds; 6 double-bed rooms and 6 rooms with 3 single-beds.
Each bedroom has got a cupboard, a fan and a bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a cold-water shower, a washbasin and dry-toilets. Towels are provided.
Two water-toilets are outside the inn.
A housing next to the inn is equipped with a library, DVDs, a screening-space and a rest-room.
The wood-fire kitchen is outside the inn. Traditionally, the meals will be taken gathered around the dish, on a mat on the floor.
Issa and Johanna’s housings and the hen-house are next to the inn too.
The Centre has an infirmary; a doctor will be there during your stay.
There is a Wi-Fi internet connection.

Aduna’m is so glad to warmly welcome you.
Within the inn, the lifestyle is participative. We are here to welcome you, to guide, to accommodate and to feed you with the greatest respect. But keep in mind that we are not here to serve you. You will have to participate to the everyday life, naturally; for example set the mat for the meals, empty your dry-toilets on the composting facility, hand-wash your clothes, farm,…, according to yours needs and your wishes.

The farm Centre has got bulls, cows, sheeps, goats, dogs.
The field’s got market gardening spaces, fruit trees lands, wild lands, rest and training spaces.


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