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Aduna’m…his beliefs

Aduna’m is a life project enlighted by a conviction:
– Self-respect is a key factor to anyone’s achievement.
– Break free from its fears to achieve its duties and desires in the respect of moral values.
The benefits are as individual as for the community.

This belief leads Aduna’m to learn, to understand:
– Health, in such a way that you’re the actor of your physical, moral and spiritual health.
– Artistic or writing expressions, body language: every expression which allows finding and respecting ourselves, to exchange.
– Self-learning, at any age. To allow each child to achieve himself through its interests.
– The respect of the Earth: our living place, our feeder. Respecting her to respect ourselves.

Learn and understand to undertake in a respectful, critical and enlighten way.
Aduna’m proposes to exchange and to go forward in that direction.
We wish to welcome people or associations working that way.

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