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Aduna’m – eco-lodge in Senegal

30 comfortable and ecological rooms:

 Double Rooms
12 double rooms are available. They all include:
A twin bed, a bathroom (cold water only) and dry toilets*.

Fee per night
23€/ 25.5$/19.6£ (ou 15 100 FCFA), breakfast included.

Twin Room

Traditional hut
We also offer accommodation in 10 traditional huts with a twin bed.
All the necessary commodities (toilets, shower, electricity, Internet) can be found nearby in the shared area.

Fee per night
15€ / 16.8$ / 12.8£ (ou 10 000 FCFA), breakfast included.


“A life in harmony with nature and a space for self-development”

* Following our ecological principles, we offer dry toilets whose content will be composted in the garden. For people with reservations against dry toilets, we also offer flush toilets.

Kitchen and living area

All our food is home-made with the fresh ingredients harvested from our fields. We cook our traditional Senegalese dishes on a wood fire.
Take advantage of our healthy dishes, cooked with fresh organic vegetables. Our experienced cooks will be happy to introduce you to our savoury Senegalese dishes!

4,50€ / 5,2$ / 4£ (or 3000 FCFA) per meal


Indoor and outdoor relaxation areas

Aduna’m will offer you the ideal eco-touristic holiday in Senegal.
You will enjoy the traditional and comfortable accommodation; you’ll be able to take part in the life of a local community in the heart of a green oasis.
You are welcome to contribute to the farming or cultural activities and to relax in the designated areas.


Our interior relaxing area is equipped with a computer and internet access.


Aduna’m Activities

Aduna’m is a dynamic place with three main activities on offer that share one common ground: the respect of man and nature.

– Organization of cultural and sportive events;
– Argo-ecology;
– Eco-lodge for ecotourism and private events.

Aduna’m is a non-profit organisation that aims at contributing to the local development in Senegal, especially in rural and isolated areas. For this reason, we’re organizing a large panel of ecological and sustainable activities.

You can help Aduna’m reach this goal:
-By becoming a voluntary helper: Come and share your know-how with Aduna’m!
– Via a sponsorship: Become sponsor of Aduna’m with a financial contribution
– By visiting our eco-lodge

If you want to donate to the Aduna’m non-profit organization: Click here

To know more about our workshops, or to book your event, consult our news page or contact us!

Cultural and sport workshops

Aduna’m is regularly organising workshops for beginners and advanced participants.
One of our goals is our hosts’ mental and physical wellness. The surrounding nature is mesmerising and invites to meditation.

The story of Aduna’m is closely linked to the story of capoeira in Senegal. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art-dance that has its roots in Africa.
Experienced capoeira masters often travel from Brazil to Aduna’m to give classes.
Aduna’m is also a place to practice African dance and yoga.
Hosts can enjoy:

Corporal expression classes
Music classes
Artistical expression classes
Personal development classes

All the classes include a transfer from Dakar to Aduna’m.


More Capoeira worshops to come!

See 1st edition in video
of “Capoeira meets Yoga” workshop


To discover, learn or simply taste, enjoy the agro-ecological area of Aduna’m!
Three hectares of our site are dedicated to growing vegetables, fruits and cereals.
Cattle, sheep, goats, hens and roosters accompany the life of the space while a borehole provides water.

Would you like to do woofing in Senegal? Discover or know more about agro-ecology?
Contact us!
We first and foremost aim at becoming autonomous with our food production,
but further goals are:

Organizing of ago-ecologist training sessions on our site
Woofing:we offer you food and accommodation in exchange for your work in our agricultural area.
Selling products from the farm and the local area
Organizing agricultural fairs to make our products known and to create synergies.

Private use of our suite

Team building, workshops or wedding, organize your own event in the Aduna’m area!
You want to organize an eco-tour in Senegal? A cultural or sport session for your colleagues or friends?

Organize an event in an amazing natural area? Make yourself feel at home at Aduna’m!

More than 5.000 m2 of free natural ground
A meeting room for 30 people with a projection booth
A library providing books and DVDS on:
personal development, education, health, agriculture and history
A work-out space







Our news

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Press release

Magali, from the Humuni association, conducted a superb interview with us as part of her project Partageons Demain!

We also interviewed the members of the Mélodie Art’s associationwho made a stay at Aduna’m in July 2019.

The ConsoGlobe site published an interview with us in their series “Portrait of eco-actors”.

We welcomed a group of young musicians from Reunion looking for their roots. Discover their interview !


Our YouTube channel


the memories (guestbook)



Un grand merci à David, Victoria, Eleanor et Alexander Russell ‎pour leur soutien. 73 arbres financés, un bond en avant pour la forêt-jardin de l’Espace Aduna’m, un pas de plus vers Dame Nature.

Arriving at Aduna’m

At Bountou Pikine station in Dakar you will have the choice between:

icon-voiture-35x357-place car (20€ / 22.40$ / 17£)
9 to 11-hour journey

Van (14€ / 15.7$ / 12£)
13 to 15-hour journey

Bus (11€ / 12.3$ / 9.3£)
12 to 14-hour journey


Contact us

  • Cultural and agricultural area Aduna'm
  • +221 77 866 02 37 or +221 77 805 71 48
  • Medina n'Diathbé - SÉNÉGAL

To book an ecotourist stay, for any information, for workshops or woofing, or for any special asking use the following form:

Further informations

Yellow fever vaccine:
but not compulsory (40 to 60 euros).


Tourist visa
If you come from EU, UK, USA or Canada, you don’t need a visa
for tourism in Senegal.


For a stay with us between November and March, please remember to bring warm clothes for the night (15°C).
There are fewer mosquitoes from November to June.


A computer is available with an internet connexion.


There is a hospital a 30-minutes-drive from Aduna’m.

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